Is watching sports in VR the next step?

12 Jan 2018 - 13:45

Watching you favourite sports team play in virtual reality, sitting on the front row without having to leave your sofa… sounds like fiction? Well, it might be here faster than you think. In fact, it’s already happening as we speak. During the Rio Olympics of 2016, Samsung and NBC teamed up to broadcast more than 100 hours of VR programming, including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the men’s basketball final, gymnastics, track and field, beach volleyball, diving, boxing and fencing. And since the start of this season, the NBA is broadcasting one game a week in VR, making it the first...

After the hurricane: Irma left millions in the dark for weeks

24 Oct 2017 - 16:45

In the wake of hurricane Irma, millions of people were left without power for days or even weeks. Across the Caribbean and from Florida up to as far as Georgia, North and South Carolina, a record breaking number of 17 million people, at its peak, had to survive in the heat without any electricity. They had no chance to re-open their business, no refrigerators to keep food and medicine cold, no light, no internet to communicate or stay informed. In Florida, eight people even lost their lives because the nursing home they were staying in, couldn’t manage the power loss.



10 tips to help you survive a business conference

20 Sep 2017 - 16:15
10 tips to help you survive a business conference


From 3 to 5 October 2017, Amsterdam is host to the European Utility Week, an annual innovation and information platform for the smart utility community. It’s a place where hundreds experts come together, as well as over 12.000 international visitors. All these people have one thing in common:  they want to get the maximum out of their visit. And they know the golden rule to do so: be prepared! We’ve listed 10 tips to help you become the ultimate conference master.


Plan ahead. Before you head down to the conference, take some time to plan your trip...


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