logo varmevardenVärmevärden is an energy company that supplies district heating to homes, factories and offices. The company serves 11 municipalities in central Sweden and employs 90 staff members.

The Company

Värmevärden was created in 2010, but the origin company has a long experience of district heating, from the mid-1960s onwards. Thanks to partnerships with local industries, heat from the industry is used to heat homes and offices, which is an environmentally friendly and effective method to protect the Earth’s resources.

Business Requirements

Värmevärden needed a new system to support a new pricing model based on hourly metering with Peak/Base for Business-To-Business customers in 3 net regions of Värmevärden.

The new system also needed to provide the potential to streamline the ‘Business-to-Consumer’-business, to grow with acquisitions and also to do operations management in one complete solution in the future.


Värmevärden has chosen to replace their current Billing/MDM solution DEBATT with MECOMS™ to perform the Meter Data Management and Billing, interfacing with metering data from Kamstrup.

The vision of Gustaf Molin, CIO Värmevärden, on the implementation:

Why did you select MECOMS™?

Gustaf Molin: “During 2013 Värmevärden decided to implement a new pricing model that is based on hourly meter readings. Värmevärdens current billing system did not have support for neither the new pricing model or hourly measurement so we had to look for alternatives. A couple of alternatives were investigated but in cooperation with our IT-supplier Sigma we found MECOMS™ the most suited one for our purposes.

What is the most remarkable achievement you have realized with MECOMS™ up to know?

Gustaf Molin: “Our most remarkable achievement is that thanks to MECOMS™, we will grow in year 2014 from using 20.000 validated meter readings per year to approximately 19.000.000 and all with the same resources as before.”

What are the main differences of MECOMS™ in comparison with your previous system?

Gustaf Molin: “The main difference between MECOMS™ and our previous system is the flexibility. Most of our demands are solved via configuration. In our previous system all changes to functionality had to be developed and coded which was both expensive and took a lot of time. For us it’s also a great advantage that MECOMS™ is based on Microsoft’s Dynamics AX since we use this platform also for our core business systems.”

Where provides MECOMS™ the biggest improvements for your business and IT-operations?

Gustaf Molin: “Without MECOMS™ we would not have been able to implement our new pricing model that is based on hourly meter readings. Since we aim to have an effective and integrated platform for our IT-systems it is also of strategic value that MECOMS™ is based on Microsoft Dynamic AX.

What are your future plans with MECOMS™?

Gustaf Molin: “After the first period during 2014 we have now decided to implement our new pricing model on all our customers in all net-regions and therefore migrate them to MECOMS™. The aim is to fully bill all our customers via MECOMS™ by February 2015. In order to do these we will continue developing MECOMS™ and will also be adding the module for “Pricing & Quotation” to support our flexible way of handling prices, discounts etc. Also this project is done in close cooperation with our IT-supplier Sigma and with a lot of support directly from Ferranti.”


Functional Scope: 
Billing and Credit Management
Meter Data Management
Microsoft Dynamics AX
Process Scope: 
Measure & Deliver