gen-i logoGEN-I wanted to conduct a complete overhaul of all IT solutions that were in use to provide support to Energy Sales to all customers in all segments and markets where GEN-I operates.
The solution needed to have a proven reputation in the energy market and needed to be fully integrated with an ERP solution.

The Company

GEN-I is an independent gas- and electricity supplier in Central and Southeastern Europe. The Group’s core activities include international electricity and gas trading, the sale of electricity and gas to end-customers and the associated purchases of electricity and gas from producers.

The Markets

GEN-I focusses mainly on so called ‘emerging energy markets’ where the deregulation process has just started.

The GEN-I Strategy

The strategy of GEN-I is to gain new customers by being the first independent supplier offering better service and tailor-made products at very competitive prices.

GEN-I’s Promise to Customers

GEN-I promises to provide “Poceni elektrika” and “Poceni plin” (GEN-I’s product brands) customers the most favorable electricity and gas prices in the long run.

Why was MECOMS™ selected?

MECOMS™ has been selected amongst several potential solutions because of:

  • All presentations and workshops demonstrated that MECOMS™ offered an adequate response to all challenges and requirements.
  • The strong integration with the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution
  • MECOMS™ being recommended by Microsoft as their preferred solution for utility companies
  • The collaboration with a very committed and skilled MECOMS™ Partner Adacta operating in the region of Slovenia and Croatia.

What IT challenges and requirements did GEN-I want to manage?


  • High flexibility and interface handling due to quickly changing data formats and requirements
  • Advanced control algorithms required due to high rate of mistakes of missing consumption and other market data
  • Ability to handle many messaging channels with different market participants


What is MECOMS™ performing at GEN-I?

MECOMS™ will be implemented throughout the whole GEN-I group during 7 phases of which 3 are completed.


Functional Scope: 
Billing and Credit Management
Contract Management
Country Pack
Customer Communication
Customer Management
Interaction Management
Meter Data Management
Microsoft Dynamics AX
Portfolio Management
Product Management
Validation and Calculation
Process Scope: 
Manage Assets
Measure & Deliver
Report & Control
Bill & Collect