logo edfEDF chooses MECOMS™ for Grid Fee Settlement Process

EDF Luminus is the second largest player in the Belgian energy market and belongs to the Top 30 Largest Belgian Companies. EDF Luminus has gas-fired electricity plants, wind farms and hydraulic power stations on various sites in Wallonia and Flanders.

EDF Luminus has 1,700,000 customer accounts, both householders and companies, and approximately 1,000 employees.

Grid Fees

The Grid Fee is a fee which, in the Belgian liberalized energy market model, is billed by the DGO (Distribution Grid Operator) to the Supplier(s) for the usage of the distribution grid.

MECOMS™ Solution

Both the Grid Fee and the Reconciliation cost are based on consumption data. The process implemented in MECOMS™ is a full bottom-up recalculation of the received bills, based on objective meter reading data received from the Meter Reading Responsible. Based on the outcome of this recalculation, EDF has the knowledge to decide on partial or full payment of the bills, or requesting rectifications to the provided data.


Distribution Network Operator
Functional Scope: 
Country Pack
Interaction Management
Market Communication
Meter Data Management
Portfolio Management
Validation and Calculation
Process Scope: 
Manage Assets